FAQ’s Community Centres, Venues and Events

When will my local soft play and/or community centre open?

In accordance with the Scottish Governments restrictions community venues and soft plays are not permitted to open before the 14th September. We are awaiting further guidelines from the government and will keep our customers informed via our website and social media pages as to when facilities will be re-opening.


I want to attend a concert or event due to take place in October or later. Should I book tickets?

Events due to take place from the start of October are bookable by email, please contact enquiries@liveargyll.co.uk to request further details. Tickets will be held at the venue in your name to be picked up on re-opening. If it proves necessary to cancel events scheduled to take place after this time ticket-holders will be refunded.

Can I book a community venue for a future date?

Yes, we are still receiving bookings for venues after October 2020. In the event that we are not permitted to open by the date of your event, you will receive a full refund. Please contact enquiries@liveargyll.co.uk to request further details.

Will I receive a refund for cancelled concert and event tickets already booked and purchased?

Yes. All ticket buyers are eligible for a refund of the value of their ticket plus any booking fee for events. Given the high number of affected events planned between March and the end of September, this is likely to take at least up to 14 days. Please contact enquiries@liveargyll.co.uk to arrange a refund.

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