Let’s Exercise!

Just because you are staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t exercise! The advice is to keep as healthy as you can, which means taking any form of exercise from the comfort of your own home. As part of our commitment to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities our fitness professionals will be recommending specific online video links that you can take part in.

The recommended fitness videos will be based on 3 levels:

  1. Beginner – gentle movement for those who don’t normally exercise (apart from walking)
  2. Intermediate – quicker movements for those who regularly exercise at least 3 times per week
  3. Advanced – high intensity movements for those that regularly train 3 or more times per week

We will be sharing every morning at 9:00am on our social media a video in each category. The session will take approximately 30-45mins.


Appropriate sized, well ventilated space

Please remember to follow the following health and safety recommendations before taking part:

  • Do not take part if you are feeling unwell
  • If you begin to feel unwell while exercising please stop immediately
  • Check that there are no trip hazards in the area you are exercising and that you have plenty of room
  • keep yourself hydrated before, during and after – it is recommended that we drink at least 2 litres of water per day
  • wear appropriate loose clothing and flat shoes
  • Ensure that you complete the warm up and cool down

Remember to get the maximum benefit from your workout you should exercise at least 3 times per week. Following guidelines, as issued from the Government, where appropriate please encourage all members of your household who are able to, to join in. 

We would love to hear of how you are getting on! Please use the hashtag #liveargyll and mention us @liveargyll and share photos of your workouts, we can’t wait to see you all!

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