Lockdown Challenge Spotlight!

With our Volunteer Sports Awards nominations for 2020 now open we are collecting stories of local lockdown sport volunteers.

You can nominate your sport volunteers in our awards here!

Community sport leaders and coaches on Bute have found unique and inclusive ways to support their communities and to keep people active. On Tuesday we heard from Heather at Bute Ladies Shinty about how her team have kept active and been serving their community through food deliveries. Today, we have caught up with local school PE teacher and Rothesay Community Sports Hub member Michael Wallis.

During lockdown on the island Mike kept active by setting himself the challenge to cycle the 9 trig points on the island in a single day. Following that he then walked the West Island Way, a 30 mile walk. After undertaking these he thought these would be great challenges to promote to the local community and to visitors to the island as restrictions are lifted. Mike has created certificates and id the point of contact for anyone wishing to undertake these challenges and so far he has handed out 4.

It did not stop there.

Mike then decided to repeat the West Island Way. 5 times. In 5 days. 150 miles on foot raising money for the local radio station, a lifeline to the island during lockdown, and to local cancer charity Calum’s Cabin. After 46miles disaster strikes and Mike could no longer continue the walk. Where others may have admitted defeat, Mike just called for support. What started as an individual challenge became a community relay challenge ending on the final day with school children finishing the final leg. Together they have raised over £1600.

Since the 5th July Michael has had over 40 enquires from individuals, both local and visitors hoping to visit soon wishing to undertake his challenges as well as a call from school children who are determined to do a relay of the entire 5 day West Island Way Challenge.

‘ Clearly [the people of] Bute are moving and it is so great to see even in these troubled times!’

On Monday 13th July Mike will be joining 16 Rothesay Joint Campus Pupils (pictured below) complete the 30mile West Island Way, their goal is to raise £2000. Yo u can help them here.

This was not the first time Michael has set his heart on organizing a large and seemingly impossible challenge involving the community and Rothesay Joint Campus pupils and I doubt this will be the last. In Febuary 2020, Mike arranged for the school children to undertake a 24hour swim to celebrate the liveArgyll Pool in Rothesay re-opening, raising over £5000 for charity.

Well done and thank you Mike for everything you are doing and we look forward to what adventure you dream up next!








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