Membership Agreement Terms

1. The member will at all time use the equipment contained within the facility in accordance with the directions given by LiveArgyll Staff.
2. The member recognises that the facility may be unavailable at certain times during the year for which he or she will not receive any financial compensation.
3. LiveArgyll at their absolute discretion may terminate, suspend or amend the individuals covered by a membership, if the member or any additional user contravenes any of the Management Rules made by LiveArgyll.
4. If you are unfit to use your membership on medical grounds, please contact the facility by email to request a membership freeze, giving as much information as possible on the reason for the freeze being requested.  Each application will be considered on its own individual merits.  Membership freezes cannot be retrospectively applied, and must be requested and agreed in advance.
5. An annual price increase may be applied in April of each year.  As stated in the Direct Debit Guarantee you will be notified prior to the collection date of any subsequent change in membership fees.
6. The Information provided on this Membership application will be used by LiveArgyll or their agents to administer leisure services. The information may be shared with third parties and may be used to further the legitimate purposes and obligations of LiveArgyll.  You can read our privacy notice and privacy statement here
7. Membership of LiveArgyll relates to all LiveArgyll operated leisure and sport facilities.  Please see LiveArgyll facilities at
8. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so by contacting your bank, local facility, or by emailing with your details and cancellation request.
9. You must be 16 or over to be able to pay a membership by Direct Debit.  If you are under 16 and applying for a Junior Membership, payment by Direct Debit can be applied for by the parent/guardian.
10. Member’s accounts will be debited on or around the 1st of each calendar month.
11. Membership refunds will only be made in circumstances where our error has resulted in membership fees being collected in error.



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