Myzone returns

Eligible refunds can only be honored if your product has been:

Product Unused* Used
MZ-3 Belt 30 days 7 days
MZ-Switch 30 days 7 days

*Products must be unused and unopened in order to be eligible for a full refund.

Myzone warranty

Before submitting a warranty replacement, please be sure you have contacted the Myzone Technical Support team to perform all troubleshooting steps. Next, please confirm your product falls within the warranty period to begin a warranty replacement.

Warranty returns are only valid if the product is faulty and troubleshooting was performed with a Myzone Support Team agent or club (liveArgyll) staff. If you purchased your Myzone belt from a club (liveArgyll), it will be faster to receive a warranty replacement with club staff at the facility. 

Product Warranty Period
Strap (MZ-1/3/Switch) 3 months
Module (MZ-1/3/Switch) 12 months
MZ-3/Switch Charger 12 months

If your product falls within one of the warranty periods above, please contact a Myzone Support Team agent to begin your warranty replacement. You can submit a ticket straight from the Myzone app under ‘HELP’.

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