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Train harder and push yourself further to accomplish your fitness goals with Myzone


Myzone helps keep you focused and accountable for each work out or fitness class you do. The wearable tech records each and every bit of effort you put in to your workout via the most important muscle in the body – the heart – every beat is recorded and how hard it is working is translated into clear data for you or one of our instructors to help you understand.

Myzone gather the data from your workouts and then rewards you via its MEPS (Myzone Effort Points) system. It’s simple really – the harder you work the more points you collect.

The Myzone Live Display provides instant effort feedback.

Compete with friends and other club members by earning MEPs and see real-time feedback using the easy-to-read Live Tile.

Being physically and mentally healthy is now more relevant than ever, and keeping you connected with an active community is just as important – and that is why Myzone ticks all the boxes.


Each of the five zones represents a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). This is calculated specifically to you when you start training with Myzone.

Grey, blue, and green zones of myzone heart rate training are best-suited to warm ups, low intensity movements, meditation, flow exercises, strength and conditioning work, and cool downs. These zones are also vital to determining your ability to recover during more intense workouts.

The yellow and red zones come into play with high intensity physical activity and cardio workouts. Whether you’re running, taking a spin class or interval training, pushing yourself into these zones will burn more calories and earn more Myzone Effort Points. Most people shouldn’t be aiming for the red zone with every workout.


The most accurate and versatile wearable available

Don’t let your effort go unrewarded. Shop and explore the full range of  liveArgyll Myzone products.



Members £60 / Non Members £90

The world’s first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. Monitor your heart rate on your chest, arm or wrist. Three times the motivation and three times the fun, with a light indicator and built-in memory so you can see your zone without a phone, and up to six months battery life on one charge.


Myzone belt heart rate monitor

Exercise tracker and heart rate monitor with built-in memory and unrivaled versatility.Belt up, collect MEPs and go for your goals. The MZ-3 connects easily to your phone, favourite cardio machines and screens in the gym so you can workout your way. Go phone-free with built-in memory and make every workout count. Join millions of Myzone users and find your squad. Fun, fair fitness.


We are thrilled to be launching Myzone Classes at the Queens Hall in December. With this wearable technology that links to display screens, our instructors will be able to monitor how much effort you are putting in. There’s no slacking at the MyZone classes or with the liveArgyll instructors!

2022 Challenges

Purpose When Duration Type Prize
Evolve Achieve the most MEPs in 12 months Jan – Dec 12 months Indvidual T-shirt/Kindle/Massage gun
Active April First to 1300 MEPs April 1 month Individual T-shirt
MEPs May Team with highest amount of MEPs May 1 month Team (4) Small group PT session (if available at site)
Summer Fit Trip Highest scoring individual each week June – July 7 days each week from 1st June – 31st July Individual T-shirt
Time Trial Achieve the most MEPs in a month August 1 month Individual T-shirt
Commit to Fit First team to 5000 MEPs September 1 month Team Team hamper of protein shakes/bars t-shirts, towels
Weekly Wrestle Highest scoring team in a week October Each week of October Team Team hamper of protein shakes/bars t-shirts, towels
Movember First individual to 1000 MEPs November Each week of November Individual Towel/Water bottle and protein shake/bar
End on a High Team with most MEPs December 1 month Team Team hamper of protein shakes/bars t-shirts, towels

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