liveArgyll libraries offer a range of book collections including Health and Wellbeing, Go Greener and Rainbow Revolution.

Health and Wellbeing Collection

Our Health and Wellbeing collection ranges from books about mental health to healthy foods and from grief to maintaining a healthy body. The collection is accessible to all ages and reading abilities. By reading, even for just six minutes a day, it’s scientifically proven that it will boost your mental health by 68%. By browsing and borrowing from this collection you’ll be accessing information and supporting your own mental health. What more can a’ body ask for?

Go Greener Collection

Go Greener is a collection of books aimed at informing and supporting our knowledge and understanding of the world around us and how we can support and add to the sustainability of this world. Climate change is upon us as greenhouse gas emissions blanket the earth and trap the sun’s heat. Our world is now warming faster than at any time in recorded history. The books in our collection are aimed for very young readers to older adults. There are both non-fiction and fictional stories to share with everyone.

Rainbow Revolution Collection

Rainbow Revolution – liveArgyll libraries are welcome to all and all are welcome. We are providers of information, knowledge and history assessable to all. In this age of equality our Rainbow Revolution collection provides information and stories about sexuality and gender identity. Again the books are both fiction and non-fiction sharing a history of the LGBTQ+ community and support all ages.

When visiting our libraries you can find booklists for all of the above collections – just ask a member of our friendly library team for more information.

You’ll find our library opening times here.

Alternatively you can find a selection of books from all of these topics in our online library BorrowBox.

All of this is free for library members but if you are not already a member it’s free to join here or call into your local library any time during opening hours.

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