From the Burgh of Dunoon to the Five Boroughs of New York

This May, four enthusiastic members of liveArgyll, Dunoon traded the serene landscapes of Scotland for the bustling streets of New York City.

Alex Mulholland, Alan Macnicol, Roger Stewart, and Phil Kidman embarked on an unforgettable journey to participate in the renowned Five Borough Bike Tour. These dedicated fitness enthusiasts, who regularly attend classes and events at liveArgyll, Dunoon, were about to experience one of the world’s largest cycling events.

A Historical Ride Through NYC

The Five Borough Bike Tour has been a staple of New York City since 1977, attracting cyclists from across the globe. This year, the event saw over 33,000 participants pedaling through the vibrant neighborhoods of NYC, covering a 40-mile course that spans all five boroughs. Our Dunoon quartet was eager to join this incredible gathering of cycling aficionados.

Sightseeing and a Setback

Arriving a few days early, the group had the chance to explore the iconic sights of New York City. Saturday was a day dedicated to both sightseeing and cycling, with a route that took them through lower Manhattan, up the west side of the island, and even a stop at the famous Friends apartment in Greenwich Village for lunch. The afternoon saw them cycling through Central Park, where, unfortunately, Phil had a serious fall. He was quickly taken to the hospital, and while his injuries prevented him from joining the main event, his spirit remained with his teammates.

The Big Day: Cycling Through the Boroughs

Early Sunday morning, Alex, Alan, and Roger set off from their hotel in the Tudor District, near the United Nations Building. They joined the throng of cyclists at the start line in downtown Manhattan. The tour kicked off near the New World Trade Center and weaved through the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods. From the hustle of 6th Avenue and the beauty of Central Park to the diverse streets of the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, the ride offered a unique perspective on New York City’s urban landscape. The journey culminated in a challenging ride across the two-and-a-half-mile Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, leading to the finish line on Staten Island.

Despite the rain and chilly temperatures that greeted them at the finish line, the group persevered. The added ten-mile ride to the Staten Island Ferry only heightened their sense of accomplishment. Exhausted but elated, they returned to their hotel, eagerly anticipating a hot bath and a well-deserved beer.

A Shoutout to liveArgyll, Dunoon

Throughout this adventure, the team’s dedication to fitness, nurtured by the fantastic staff at liveArgyll, Dunoon shone brightly. The instructors and staff at liveArgyll have played a crucial role in keeping the community fit and motivated, especially during the tough winter months. The team expressed their heartfelt gratitude to General Manager, Kevin Anderson for the new towels and water bottles, and to Ross, Dale, Linda, Alex-Ann, Claire, Alison, and everyone else at liveArgyll, Dunoon.

Their epic New York adventure is a testament to the strength, camaraderie, and resilience fostered by liveArgyll, Dunoon. Here’s to many more adventures and to the incredible community that keeps Dunoon healthy and active!

This journey is a reminder of how fitness and community can take us to new places — both literally and figuratively. Whether cycling through the bustling streets of New York or attending a class at liveArgyll, the spirit of adventure and health continues to thrive.

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