Fitness on Demand at The Queen’s Hall

Introducing Fitness on Demand, our new virtual class streaming provider. From the fitness studios in The Queen’s Hall, we’ll bring you a variety of different workouts and class styles at various days and times to ensure there’s a virtual class for you!


Full body Dumbell Sculpt

A low-impact, strength-focused, dumbbell class. You’ll perform two strength and one core circuit twice through. Grab your weights and get strong.

Ab and Core Shredder

A fun and effective routine that’s guaranteed to hit every inch of your midsection! Plank, crunch, tighten and twist your way to a stronger core!

Jillian Michaels: Lift and Shred

Lift and Shred is Jillian Michaels’ incredibly effective weight lifting workout program that will boost metabolism, burn fat and build a lean sexy physique. All you’ll need for these two 30-minute workouts is one set of dumbbells from 8 lbs up to 15 lbs. The more fit you are the heavier you can lift so you can continue growing with the workouts. As always there are modifications for every single exercise.

Box Fit

This high-intensity cardio boxing class will challenge both your physical and mental limits. You’ll find easy to follow punches, kicks and combos that work the entire body, burn serious calories and deliver massive cardio, strength and agility gains. You’ll also banish stress, feel empowered and leave class on a fitness high!

Total Body Sculpt

Compound strength moves are the staple of this routine with explosive cardio and core work sprinkled throughout.

Full body HIIT

Get ready to build strength and power. Sculpt your entire body in this 30-minute HIIT workout.

All Level Cardio Dance

This is dance powered by plyometrics and is guaranteed to burn a ton of calories. No matter what your dance background is, you’ll be able to keep up with these easy-to-follow combos. Let go of your inhibitions and get ready to jump, shimmy, and feel the beat!

Dance Cardio with Amanda Kloots

NYT bestselling author and fitness trainer Amanda Kloots brings cardio dance routines that are also sneaky core workouts. Feel the music, and get ready to jump it out.

Str1ke 101

Our standard interval format you know and love, remixed with beat-based MMA movements. Punch. Kick. Sweat.

R1ze Retro Step

Step up your fitness with some old school cardio step class. Classic moves build to basic combos – all fun, no floor work!

Recover and Restore

Treat yourself to this delicious full-body recovery stretch session with Torrey. Grab a towel, increase your flexibility, range of motion and align your body mind, and breathe in only 30 minutes.

Mat Pilates

A short and effective mat pilates routine. You’ll strengthen every part of your core and finish with some extra focus on the hips.

Full Body Stretch

Enjoy these soothing stretches with Will for a total body release. Melt away any tension and tightness, while increasing your flexibility and range of motion.

Yoga Lower Body Stretch

Give your lower body some TLC with this yoga stretch class. This practice is perfect for refreshing your hard-working muscles!

Intelligent Cycling

Virtual Intelligent Cycling classes will take you out of the studio and on an adventure through hills and deserts, or even underwater! Watch the video below and get a feel for this exciting virtual class.

Our digital offering will be run in addition to our instructor-led programme.

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