Harry Potter Book Day

liveArgyll Libraries celebrated the first Harry Potter Book Day on Thursday 12th October (previously known as Harry Potter Book Night and held in February).

The library teams, including some who were unable to hold an event, put together a Magical Places-themed setting where the mini Harrys, Hermiones and Rons could enjoy the magical world of Harry Potter.

Families arrived in full force, some dressed as their favourite characters and equipped with wands and spells. They had a blast with activities such as potions, treasure hunts, Quidditch, finding their Harry Potter names, discovering which Hogwarts Houses they belonged to, and lots more fun activities.

Despite the annual event now occurring during our October school holidays, the events held in Campbeltown, Dunoon, Helensburgh and Oban were well-attended and enjoyed by all.

We had some great feedback, with one family saying, ‘We had a brilliant time! So much thought had gone into it all. Thank You.’ Another said, ‘It was brilliant – my two had a great time. Thank you so much.’
We also had a lovely article published in the Oban Times about the event held in Oban Library.

We want to say a huge ‘thank you!’ to all the library staff involved. They did a fantastic job and deserved all the credit for their hard work, effort and creativity. A few butterbeers would have been well-deserved when it was all over!

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