Scottish Youth Parliament election results

Young people from all over Scotland have been making their voices heard as they voted to elect their local Members of Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) in this year’s Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) national elections. Established on June 30th, 1999 – making it just one day older than the Scottish Parliament – the SYP is the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people and elections are held every two years. MSYPs range in age from 14 to 25, and represent constituencies in all 32 local authorities throughout the country, and several national voluntary organisations.

The Results

Young people aged 12-25 were able to vote and elect young people standing for what they believe in, giving them a voice on all issues that impact young people.

Elected for the constituency of Argyll and Bute:

“Hello, I am Sophie Bennie-Twist and I am your new MSYP based in Helensburgh. I adore the outdoors and you can often find me walking in the local woods. I have spent the majority of my life in Helensburgh and through MSYP I will be working with the young people and the community. I hope to find the gaps and concerns in our area and together create solutions and to solve these issues.”

“My name is Alasdair Robert Paisley, and I am a new MSYP based in Kintyre. I love both playing and listening to music, and also greatly enjoy sports like surfing and volleyball. I joined the SYP in order to help the young people all across Argyll and Bute truly have a chance to speak openly about topics affecting them, have someone that will listen to them, and represent their views nationally.”

“My names Mariska and I’m one of the new MSYP’s for Argyll and Bute. I am from Rothesay and have lived on the island all my life. The reason I’m an MSYP is so I can get the voices of young people heard.”

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