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With 2022 being ‘Scotland’s Year of Stories’ liveArgyll libraries are delighted to announce that we will be extending the closing date of our Young Writers Competition from 28th January to 31st March 2022.

We hope that this will encourage our young people to get creative and share their stories of Myths and Legends in Argyll and Bute. Competition prizes remain the same but we intend to also use entries in our ‘Scotland’s Year of Stories’ celebrations and encourage all young people to take part!

Welcome to liveArgyll Libraries’ inaugural writing competition for young people.

We are inviting all secondary school aged young people in Argyll and Bute to write a story about Argyll Folklore – Myths and Legends. It could be about, fairies, kelpies, dragons, trolls or witches – any mythical creature you can think of, even one from your own imagination!

The competition will be split into two categories based on school year: 1st-3rd years and 4th-6th years. For our first competition we have an important stipulation – your story or poem must be set in our beautiful Argyll and Bute and must be no more than 500 words.

A word from liveArgyll Bibliographic and Local Studies Librarian, Eleanor McKay MBE

“Listen closely…..

Perhaps you can hear the voices of people from the past, telling you their stories.  Or maybe you can catch a fairy song as it is blown through the air. As the wind starts to howl, you might make out the call of a strange wild beast. But when the breeze drops to a whisper, can you sense the presence of a supernatural being?

Let your imagination run wild and allow your writing to be inspired by the sights and sounds around you. We live in a land with a treasure trove of folk tales and legends that have been handed down through the generations. Stories of fairies and silkies, haunted castles and magical trees, witchcraft and superstitions. Many tales have been woven around events in history such as the crowning of kings at

Eleanor McKay receives MBE for Local Studies

Dunadd, the Lords of the Isles and great battles between the clans. All of them connect us with the people and places of the past.

Your story or poem will join the fascinating collection of myths and folklore we have in Argyll and Bute. You can base your idea on an event or person from history, or it could be a retelling of an existing legend. You can even let your imagination take over and invent a completely new and exciting folk tale.

Whatever you decide to write, share your story with us and let it be carried on the wind for years to come…”


Competition Details

Competition opens on 15th November 2021 when our registration form will go live!

To enter please fill out the form below.  Once it’s processed we will send you a registration number. When you are ready to submit your entry, please ensure that you show your registration number in the top right corner of your story/poem and then email it as an attachment to


Extended Closing date 31st March, 2022.

Competition entries will be judged by a panel of our wonderful liveArgyll library staff, with the winners being notified no later than 9th May 2022.

The winner of each category will receive a £75 gift card, certificate and a bound copy of their winning entry and the runners up will each receive a £25 gift card, certificate and a bound copy of their winning entry.

liveArgyll libraries will print and bind the stories submitted by our ten finalists and copies of these will be available to view in each of our libraries, including Islay Mobile library!

We look forward to reading your stories!


Terms and conditions:

Entrants must be a liveArgyll library member and must agree for their stories to be used by liveArgyll in any publication or promotion. Winners photos may be used in any liveArgyll promotion.

If you are not already a member, don’t worry we will process your membership once we receive your registration form.



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