We’re back with our liveArgyll volunteering Blog and this week we are celebrating Volunteers Week. 

We caught up with Mairi McKillop – our Gym Instructor/Fitness Co-ordinator at Aqualibrium in Campbeltown, who is volunteering with The Hub, to find out how she is getting on.

Hi Mairi, it’s great to hear from you! How have you been getting on?

I am doing really well now that I have some sort of routine going with the school. I’ve also signed up for some online courses which have kept me busy. I really love to be doing things and having structure to my time as I find it hard to keep still. I do miss work and seeing everyone so I’m looking forward to getting back once we are open again.

That’s great! You are currently volunteering with The Hub. Tell us a little about why you considered volunteering and what your role involves.

I wanted to help those in need during this current crisis and was very grateful to be offered the opportunity to work with The Hub as I have previously worked closely with the schools in delivering exercise sessions for the pupils.

The Hub is organised by teachers to support the children of Key Workers throughout the day. I help the children with any school work that they have and assist through lunchtimes and any free time they may have.  In the afternoon I arrange activities for them. For instance, last week we did a mini MOK Run. The kids had originally been entered into the race but unfortunately, with Lockdown, it didn’t take place. Next week I’ll be doing some Tabata with them.

What’s been the highlight of your volunteering experience so far?

I enjoy working with the kids at The Hub. I feel that they are doing amazingly well as it’s so hard for them not being able to be near to each other and also not getting to see their friends.

Also I want to say a massive ‘Well Done’ to the teachers who are involved. Not only are they continuing to work full-time, they are also giving time and support to The Hub too.

What advice would you give to others who would like to volunteer as you have?

I would say that volunteering is very rewarding especially during this time when there are so many people needing help. If you have the time and are able don’t hesitate to get involved.

Please see the link for information on how to volunteer and what roles are available:


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